Oct 24, 2011

Pro golfer Paul Casey receives treatment at JASENG

Pro golfer Paul Casey from England stated on his victory speech, "I won the championship after taking Korean Eastern Medicine Treatment."

Paul Casey (34 year old pro golfer from England) announces in his 2011 KGT Shinhan Donghae Open victory speech “I won the championship after taking Korean Eastern medicine treatment”.

Paul Casey has experienced difficulties walking and to complete the finish position due to pain caused by inflammation for over two years. He made numerous efforts to cure his injuries with Western and Eastern therapies, even changing his golf shoes, but nothing seemed to improve his condition. Casey was extremely worried about not being able to participate in this tournament due to the severe pain. But then, renowned golfer K.J. Choi introduced him to Dr. Joon-shik Shin, the founder of Jaseng Hospital, who performed herbal acupuncture on him which enabled him to play to his full potential. 

After intensely treating Paul Casey, Dr. Joon-shik Shin diagnosed the golfer’s condition as follows: “Casey was not able to properly utilize his foots’ entire strength during golf swings because of an ankle injury which caused inflammation in the big toe as well as pain in the area between the big toe and the sole of the foot. I could immediately see with my bare eyes that the right toe was swollen by 50% compared to his left toe.”

Dr. Shin proceeded by inserting acupuncture needles in the big toe and into the ligament of the ankle to immediately relieve the sensation of pain and discomfort. He also prescribed joint ointment which is highly effective in easing infections and Cheongwoongbaro pills which have an excellent nerve-regenerating effect on the bones and ligaments. Casey stated that “immediately after receiving Dr. Shin’s herbal acupuncture therapy, the pain almost receded completely and walking became more comfortable”. The golfer was thrilled and spared no compliments on the amazing effects of Jaseng’s herbal remedies. Casey’s suffered from his injury for more than two years, so naturally a onetime treatment cannot bring about a complete recovery. To ensure his further healing process Casey is scheduled to visit Jaseng Hospital’s LA branch after returning to the U.S. and to continuously receive Korean Eastern treatment such as acupuncture and herbal medicine.

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