Oct 24, 2011

A must for healthy senior life

Regular blood pressure & glucose level check is a must for healthy senior life

With the average life expectancy of 80 years old, maintaining a good health has become a critical issue for seniors. 50s or older ‘Active Seniors’ are now emerging as power consumers who invest heavily for their health - especially enthusiastic about managing their blood pressure and glucose level.

Since seniors suffering from hypertension and diabetes are continuously increasing, it is adviable to be equipped with Sphygmomanometer and Blood Glucose Meter at home. Electronic sphygmomanometer ‘BP5900’ by Brown Healthcare can record the maximum of 99 BP measurements, and provide the average value over a set period of time. 

‘Barogen’, a Blood Glucose Meter by Handok Medical Equipment let you measure the glucose level without entering any code. It provides 2-week average for you to manage the glucose level more effectively.

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