Oct 31, 2011

Use of climbing sticks prevent spinal & knee injury

Climbing sticks distribute the load on your knees and spine by one third if used correctly when you hike.
Many consider climbing sticks are only for the intensive mountain climbing, and put climbing sticks away for light tracking. This is a wrong idea. If you use the sticks in correct manner, they will greatly reduce the danger of spinal & knee injury.
Adjust the height of the sticks perpendicular to your arms when you hold them on a flat ground. Slide your hand upward into the strap (see photo 1&2), and then grab the strap and the handle together (see photo 3).
On the uphill, lean forward your upper body and slightly bend down toward the climbing sticks instead of pushing them forward. On the downhill, make sure your upper body is positioned behind the climbing sticks since your knees take the load otherwise. Keep your feet slightly apart, and walk with little steps while supporting with the sticks closed to your feet. Putting a lot of weight on the sticks when going downhill will burden the wrist joint.

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