Nov 2, 2011

Non-Surgical Spine Re-alignment & Treatment at JASENG

The human body has natural healing power so that when one is ill, his body uses this strong recuperative power to treat what is wrong. Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine has gained recognition by the international medical society with its effective hanbang therapies. Its therapy makes use of the natural healing power to remedy the causes of lumbar disc problems and restore a healthy spine without undergoing a surgical operation. The hospital has an East-West collaborative medicine system in place to provide treatment tailored to each patient’s physical constitution and status.

Non-Surgical Spine Treatment
Chuna Manipulation

The well-trained practitioners manually adjust the patient’s displaced bones and joints. By realigning the bones and joints and correcting the spinal curve, the patients can see much benefit from chuna including pain relief, better blood circulation, and stress relief. It is a comprehensive treatment to heal abnormality in the bones, joints, and muscles; boost blood and qi circulation; and even treat degenerative bone and joint disease and osteoporosis.

Chuna Medication

It is herbal regimen to fundamentally solve lumbago, strengthen the body, and maintain the effects of chuna manipulation and other therapies. It is greatly effective in treating spine disorders, strengthening muscles and ligaments to keep the spine in corrected pose, and reducing inflammation.

Special Acupuncture

There are several special acupuncture therapies including bee venom therapy, a technique where bee venom, which is harvested and refined to be harmless to the human body, is injected; MST (Motion Style Treatment) acupuncture that inserts needles while the patient is moving to quickly relieve pain; and herbal acupuncture that injects medicinal herbal extracts into acupuncture points.

Popular among sports stars and foreigners
The hospitals’ patient list includes soccer player Ji-Sung Park, figure skating Olympic gold medalist Yuna Kim, PGA Tour golfer Kyoung-Ju Choi, and other Korean sports stars as well as Manchester United CEO David A. Gill, Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci, figure skater Brain Jourbert, and many other celebrities. The hospital hires coordinators for foreigners, provide instructions in different languages, and send herbal medicine to overseas addresses.

Address  635 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Inquiries  +82-2-3218-2100

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