Oct 19, 2011

2011 Geumsan Ginseng Festival

International health festival to boost your energy 

Geumsan Ginseng Festival
With more and more evidence about ginseng’s effects and medical actions, more and more people are visiting Geumsan, a major producer of Insam (Ginseng) in Korea. The country also holds the 2011 Geumsan Ginseng Festival where you can both improve your health and have fun.

Under the theme, “A day in Geumsan makes a healthy future for you,’ the 31st Geumsan Ginseng Festival will be held for ten days from October 21 to 30 at the Geumsan Ginseng Center Square and Ginseng Herb Street. The festival offers various events based on ginseng which is known as a cure for H1N1. For instance, its health center will tell your physical constitution and write prescriptions under oriental medicine.

October 21 ~ 30, 2011
Square of the Geumsan ginseng center and along the Ginseng street
Digging, peeling and weighing ginseng on traditional scales, red ginseng massage, giseng cooking and tasting, ginseng foot bath, 4D video show, percussion concert, etc.

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