Oct 18, 2011

Pain free dental procedures at Hus'hu

What do you consider first when you choose a dentist?Sanitation and Safety? Whether or not doctors are experienced? When it comes to choosing a dentist, there is definitely one thing that most people will think about first: The pain! The fear of pain you have to deal with while sitting on the chair. Therefore, these days, the priority is whether you can have pain free dental procedure. (Especially if you are not a Korean) Unlike in western countries, the sleep anesthesia procedure is not so common unless you have a big operation here in Korea. This is why there is not much information about Conscious Sedation Procedures. Now, there’s Hus’hu Dental Clinic, which is widely known in the expat community, with its great patient care and Conscious Sedation Dentistry system.

No more dental Anxiety - Hus’hu 3-step Pain Free Implant
We understand that some people are not as comfortable as others in a dentist’s chair. At Hus’hu, we have a stunning pain free system for patients with dental anxiety who have been avoiding dentist appointments, especially for the higher pain level procedures such as wisdom tooth removal and dental implant surgery.

1. CompuDent System
– No pain AnesthesiaMost of the time, the pain from injection is caused because the anesthetic
is fired in too quickly. The CompuDent System controls the flow rate of the anesthetic, which means it is guaranteed to be injected slowly and steadily. It is approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) and is widely used in the U.S.

2. Conscious (Sleep) Sedation TreatmentAt Hus’hu, we also have Sleep Sedation Treatment. It may be the greatest advancement ever made towards truly pain-free and anxiety-free dental procedures. Midazolam, the drug used during the procedure, makes you feel sleepy and drowsy, but you are still conscious so that you can follow our directions. As it is stated above, Midazolam does not make you unconscious, so it does not take too long for you to wake up. If you are put to sleep too deeply, Flunil will be given to wake you up immediately. The drugs that are used for Sleep Sedation Treatment are diluted and given to you very slowly so it can be easily adjusted to each patient’s needs and type. Also, it lowers the chances of side effects and rejections. We monitor your blood pressure, pulse, ECG and oxygen saturation very closely during the procedure for safety.

3. Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) - Power to control the pain
Patient-controlled analgesia is a method of allowing a person to manage the pain after surgery on their own. With PCA, you can control the amount of pain killer by pushing a button whenever you feel the pain. When the button is pushed, you get a small dose of narcotic analgesic through your IV so that you can control the pain as you wish to manage the pain after surgery on your own.

To learn more about expats friendly Hus'hu dental clinic,
please visit http://www.english.hus-hu.com/  or http://m.hus-hu.com/ for mobile.

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