Sep 21, 2011

Smooth out wrinkles - Autologous fat grafting

Wanna look ten years younger?

-Autologous fat grafting at Real Cosmetic Clinic is the solution for you-

Sagging skin and hollowed cheeks, which cause wrinkles, make one look older. This is especially true for wrinkles around mouth. They can make you look ten years older, but safe and simple autologous fat grafting at Real Cosmetic Clinic can help you look your age or even younger.

#1  Cases of wrinkles around mouth
Deep furrows around the mouth make one look older. The culprit is fat on the cheeks. As one grows older, the skin loses moisture and the level of elastic fibers and collagen generation declines, which results in fat escaping, reduced skin resilience, and formation of wrinkles.

#2  How to correct wrinkles around the mouth
To smooth out wrinkles, you need a supplement to fill in the furrows. In the past, silicon or Gore-Tex implants were used. More recently, fillers and fat grafting have come into wide use. They are favored over pyriform aperture augmentation, which is permanent but expensive. Autologous fat grafting is especially preferred to fillers because it has more long-lasting effect.

#3  Difference between fillers and autologous fat grafting
Fillers are hyaluronic acid, which is similar to bodily substances. It is injected under the wrinkles to fill and raise the furrows, but it is still a foreign substance, difficult to administer in large amounts and expensive. Autologous fat grafting entails collecting one’s own fat and selectively transplanting it where needed. There are no side-effects and natural results can be achieved. It is safer than insertion of implants and longer lasting than fillers.

#4  Details about autologous fat grafting
Autologous fat grafting can remove furrows around the mouth and also make the cheeks fuller and give vitality to the skin. Some of the injected fat is absorbed, requiring retouching by injecting fat two to three more times after the initial treatment. Much fat can be collected at one time, so it is appropriate for volume transplant such as entire face transplant or for deep furrow corrections. It is unfortunately still more burdensome than fillers since the fat must be collected from the abdomen or thighs.

#5  Autologous fat grafting procedure
Filling out a medical card --> consultation with a specialist --> measuring the blood pressure --> exact diagnosis and detailed explanation by the physician --> administration of anesthetics --> collecting fat from the patient’s buttocks or thighs --> refining the fat --> injecting under the wrinkles around area where it is needed.

#6  Matters requiring attention
Another strength of autologous fat grafting is that patients can go back to their daily routines without downtime. Nevertheless, they should observe the following guideline.

1. They should abstain from any food or drink for six hours before the procedure.
2. They should neither consume any alcohol nor smoke for two to three weeks afterwards to prevent any infections.
3. They should not wash the face on the day of the procedure and are advised not to take a shower for one week.

Real Cosmetic Clinic 
Real Cosmetic Clinic is a comprehensive plastic surgery clinic and has specialists for different areas and purposes like eyes, nose, wrinkles, breasts, bodily shape, jaw correction, and facial contours. It has not had even a single medical failure since its opening in 1991, has treated the most patients in Korea, and emphasizes patients’ safety above all. It guarantees precise and thorough diagnosis and examination, safe procedures with its state-of-art equipment, and fully skilled doctors. Unlike many other plastic surgery clinics, it has a permanently stationed anesthesiologist in case of emergencies to ensure maximum safety and convenience.

Autologous fat grafting specialist  
Plastic surgeon and M.D. Gyeong-Ha Hwang
2F Asia Bldg., 580 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Leave Apgujeong Station on Subway Line 3 through Exit #5 and cross the street. You can see its orange signboard across the street from the Hyundai Department Store.
Open hours
10:00~19:00 on weekdays, 10:00~17:00 on Saturdays, closed on Sundays
For inquires or +82-2-519-8021 for consultation & appointment

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