Sep 21, 2011

Cosmetic Surgery for Beautiful Makeover

Surgical Procedures

>> Eyebrow Lift

>> Rhinoplasty
     : Height enhancement with silicone & ear cartilage

>> Mandible Reduction
     : Maxillary bone & cortical osteotomy

The patient often heard the comment saying that she looks stern and masculine, which she wanted to change.
The day after surgery
Face was swollen a lot since she had multiple procedures at once.
3 days after surgery
Swelling still remains. The itchiness around taping bothered her very much.
5 days after surgery
Swelling started to go down. Tapings on her eyebrow were removed. Her eyelids are tighter which gave her a younger look.
2 weeks after surgery
The rest of tapings were removed. Light swelling still remains, but surgical sites are healing well without any complications. She met her friends for the first time after the surgery. Although they noticed she had done her nose, they didn’t notice about eyebrow lift and mandible reduction which made her very happy.
1 month after surgery

Most of swelling is gone now. She feels very happy whenever she looks into the mirror. Her friends noticed that she’s more confident with her look and her personality brightened up a lot as well.

2 months after surgery
Now she enjoys taking self-photos wherever she goes.

4 months after surgery
The swelling is completely disappeared on her face.

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