Sep 22, 2011

Paragliding against the blue sky of Jeju Island

The blue sky of fall invites you. It is a great time of the year to engage in recreational activities in Jeju, the beautiful southern island of Korea. Paragliding in the blue sky will surely relieve stress accumulated from mundane daily life.

#1 Best three spots in Jeju for paragliding
Fall is the season paragliders await all year long. Jeju, the beautiful island of Korea’s southern sea, is a perfect spot for paragliding. The island has many large and small hills and wind there is just right for paragliding. Im Jeju’s hills like Geumakbong, Wollangbong, Mytaksan and Byeoldobong, even first-timers can easily learn how to paraglide with some training.

Wollangbong (Darangswi Oreum) Paragliding in Wollangbong affords a bird’s eye view of the beautiful island where roe deer ramble. Many ranches and empty farmland around the oreum (parasitic volcano) hill ensure safe landing, making it proper for beginners.

Gunsan Up in the mountain, one can see Hallasan, the highest mountain of South Korea, northeast and the sea beyond the Daepyeong-ri village south. To the east unfurl the city of Seogwipo and islands like Munseom and Supseom in the sea. Paragliders take off here to see the Jesu sea all arounf while flying.

Geumakbong (Geomeun Oreum) The crater on the top of the peak can be reached by car. From the top, one can see the oreum hills all over the island and the sea to the north, south and west.

#2 Tandem flying for two in Jeju
Tandem flying is like taking a taxi in the sky as one can safely fly with an experienced instructor. The passenger in the front harness can fly without training. You can experience exciting paragliding through tandem flying in Jeju as follows:
 Reservation Process
1. Phone meeting with a service provider (a day before or two to three days ahead)
2. Set up an appointment to receive flying schedule
3. Meet the service provider at a predetermined place (check whether you need a pick up)
4. Arrive at the paragliding site on the scheduled day and make sure to get the brief explanation on flying techniques and guidelines before flying
5. Start paragliding

Paragliding Fee

Tandem flying for two people, other accessory equipment are provided and those without a car can be picked up in a nearby place with an advanced reservation.

Geumakbong (Geumak-ri, Hallim-eup), Wollangbong (Songdang-ri, Gujwa-eup), Miyaksan (Donghong-dong, Seogqipo), Gunsan (Daepyeong-ri, Andeok-myeon), Byeoldobong, Smuiak
* People can fly until 17:00 and the flying time is some ten to fifteen minutes (Actual flying time can be increased or decreased depending on weather conditions.)
* When flying is canceled due to bad weather, a refund can be made. But if you give up the session for a personal reason, no refund can ne made.

For inquires
Jeju Miss Mister School


  1. Hi, can i do paragliding in winter? like Dec 26?

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