Sep 27, 2011

Dine out at traditional Jongro area in Seoul

Sogeum Hanjeongsik
for an abundant meal at an affordable price

The Korean typical meal is a bowl of steamed rice and several side dishes. It is nutritiously well-balanced meal with not too much seasoning. The Insa-dong alleys have many Korean table d’hote restaurants but their prices are rather expensive. Still some of them serve abundant side dishes like jeon pancakes; tteokgalbi grilled patties of short rib meat; bossam boiled pork wrapped in greens; gejang seasoned raw crab; seasoned mountain herbs; baked yellow corbina; stew, and more at affordable prices. A good example is Sogeum Hanjeongsik restaurant. Its basic table d’hote is KRW10,000 and lunch special that is served until 2pm is KRW6,000.
Open Hours    11:30~21:30
Address    106 Gwanhun-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul
Directions   Leave Anguk Station through exit 6, reach the Insa-dong main street, and take Insa-dong 16-gil next to Gana Art Space.
For inquiries   02-722-8883

Sweet street dessert

It is a Korean dessert made of fine strands of honey and maltose. A hard stick of yeot taffy is stretched over and over again to make 16,384 extremely thin strains in the end. You can watch its making with explanation and sample and buy it. A box of ten Kkultarae candies costs KRW5,000 and a box of chocolate-flavor candies is KRW6,000.

Miss Lee Café
Nostalgic place
Miss Lee Café, visited by Jeong Young-Hwa and Seo Hyeon in the MBC TV show ‘We are married’ serves old-fashioned box lunch and traditional tea. Its box lunch, rice and some side dishes in a nickel-silver container, is what Korean used to eat for lunch at school some 30 years ago. Traditional teas like quince tea and jujube tea are served with traditional cookies. If also features fun items like a lucky draw, a mail box to receive letters 100 days later, and a tree to attach notes of wishes to. As it is popular as a date spot, it is often crowded and sometimes you cannot even enter the place.
Open Hours    10:00~ 24:00 (Open all the year around)
Address   2F 144 Gwanhub-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul
For inquiries    02-739-0939

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