Sep 21, 2011

Hairline Transplant at Hus'hu Hair Transplant Center

I received hairline transplant last October at Hus'hu Hair Transplant Center through the referral of my acquaintance. Staffs at Hus'hu has provided me such a well thought out aftercare which I was very satisfied with. Hus'hu provided additional hair transplant on the area where it needs some fine tuning after the surgery.
Now I can pull my hair back and proudly show off my forehead. If you are suffering from M-shaped hairline, I strongly recommend you to get the hairline transplant at Hus'hu Hair Transplant Center!

Thank you, Hus'hu!
Written by Jungja Kim

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  1. Hi freinds! Klinik Esthetika is the best clinic for hair transplant. Their charges is minimum than other clinic. So Hair Transplant is the best option to get rid of Baldness.