Jul 4, 2011

Dr. Royer from JASENG Hospital is an honorary ambassador of KTO

 Dr. Raimund Royer, head of Jaseng's International Clinic, was appointed as an honorary ambassador of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

The appointment ceremony was held at the KTO on May 18th, 2011. Dr. Royer is originally from Austria and the first western Korean medical doctor. He is internationally promoting the effectiveness of Korean medicine and Jaseng’s non-surgical spine treatment by visiting various countries such as the UAE, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and more.

Until recently, the KTO primarily supported Western medicine tourism but will now include Korean medicine. The inclusion will allow Jaseng’s exclusive Western and Korean medical integration to be better known, as well as help spread traditional Korean culture. Thought to be the ideal representative, Dr. Royer was selected by the KTO to globally promote the effectiveness of Korean medicine to an international audience.

Dr. Royer has been establishing himself in the Korean medical field, and is actively involved as an International Committee Board Member of the Association of Korea Oriental Medicine and the Korea Pharmacopuncture Institute.
“I still remember clearly how amazed I was when I initially experienced the effect of Korean medicine and I want other people to have the same experience and benefits from Korean medicine,” said Dr. Royer at the appointment ceremony. “This is why I will actively contribute to KTO’s events on medical tourism.”

Jaseng Hospital is continuously promoting Korean medicine and alternative spine treatments through various congresses, lectures, and events promoting medical tourism. This opportunity will increase the international relevance and recognition of Korean medicine even further.

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