Jul 8, 2011

V-Line Mandible Reduction

Review of

V-Line Mandible Reduction

at Real Cosmetic Clinic

Written by Sexy Tail

Before Surgery
I was unhappy with square jaw and short chin.  Many had told me that I look at least 5 years older than my own age.
My cheekbones looked more prominent because of the square jaw, which I really disliked, and my first impression suffered as well. Since I wasn't happy with my lower half of my face, I always covered it with my hands or with my hair whenever I was photographed.
I also kept my hair long just to hide my lower face. That's why I finally decided to do the plastic surgery to get away from all those hassels of covering up.
I surfed around the internet and learned about Real Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. It had many great reviews. I consulted about the changes I want to have on my face, and scheduled for the surgery.
Areas of concern :
Square Jaw / Short Chin

The day of surgery
Right after the surgery, I took a picture of myself to record the progress. Although my face was a bit swollen, there were no bruises on the day of the surgery.

However, bruises started to appear from the next day, and by the thrid day, my face was so swollen, I felt like it was going to explod.

A week after surgery
The pain and the swelling on my face started to disappear after a week.
My face was still swollen, but I felt much better than the previous week.

A month after surgery

A month has passed now. I still feel a little uncomfortable eating food, but I don't have any problems doing my daily activities.
I can see my side profile is not squared anymore. I can tie up my hair to show off.

2.5 months after surgery

4 months after surgery

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