Jul 4, 2011

Health tips for rainy season

Every summer, the rainy season creates several problems for us, from wreaking havoc on commuters using public transport, to seeping moisture that damages the walls of your home. If you want to enjoy the rain without the annoyances they so often causes, implement these tips on how to take care of your health right through the season.

Health tips for the rainy season

It is imperative that you llok after yourself during the rains, as it brings with them a host of health hazards:

> Puddles of dirty rainwater breed germs, which give rise to a number of water-born diseases. It is therefore important to boil and filter your drinking water.
> Try to keep your surroundings as free of stagnant water as possible. If they are unavoidable, putting a few drops of kerosene or phenyl in standing water can reduce mosquito breeding. Use mosquito nets or repellent to keep the insects at bay. If you get wet or have to walk through puddles, make sure that you wash up thoroughly afterward to avoid any skin irritation, or worse, disease.
> Try to keep your food as clean as possible, and steam your vegetables well to kill germs. It's preperable to stick to light meals and avoid spicy and heavily fried foods. Drinking warm water with every meal will also aid digestion.
> Another serious hazard during the rainy season is electric shocks, caused by rainwater dripping onto live wire. Make sure you check the wiring, switches and electrical appliances in your house regularly, especially if you have a seepage problem.
> Ashma patients need to be specially careful during the rainy season - make sure there is nno water seepage or fungus growth in the house.
> Make sure your children don't play around on waterlogged streets, where the water often conceals sharp objects like glass or stones. Open manholes also pose a serious danger.

Written by N.S. Sawaikar


  1. Healthy tips,
    The most effective thing that you can do is to keep your rain gear always ready when you go out in rainy season. A raincoat with hooded jacket and waterproof shoes are the best items.

  2. I totally agree^^ I've got a pair of rainboot to keep myself dry!