Jun 3, 2011

See the difference of your Masculine Symbol in advance.

Now we can see the post-op appearance of male genitalia;

what it will likely be beforehand through simulation. This technique has already been practiced commonly in Plastic Surgery, Dentistry and Dermatology, etc., but not in Urology.  First trial of this simulation is practiced at Adams Clinic (Director, Lee Mu-yeon, M.D.) located in DoGok-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, and the Adams Clinic has gained favorable responses from the patients by practicing this new technique since then.
In fact, penile augmentation surgery, whether the operation has been successful or not, is not a topic to share with others comfortably, thus, many patients keep it confidential unable to disclose the fact to others. However, by seeing the results of surgery in advance through simulation techniques, and by conducting surgery exactly the same way as what was displayed on the screen beforehand, both patients and surgeons can expect more satisfactory result.
Mr. Ma, who runs a small business, was not able to get along all right with a wife due to serious complex on account of small penis size. After spending a period of time troubling himself, he decided to receive his penis lengthening surgery, however, his inward disposition prevented him from seeing a urologist. Besides he concerned much about the failure of surgery. When he made a visit to a clinic and saw the changes in his post-op appearance of genitalia through the simulation program, he was finally convinced of the need of penile augmentation surgery.
He was told about the surgical procedure; taking a piece of dermal fat from buttocks of patient and graft it to the patient’s penis to enhance the size of girth and length, gaining approx. 2~5 cm. Since the result of his penile augmentation surgery was successful, Mr. Ma was able to engage in sexual activities, for which he used to avoid in the past days, with his wife in an affirmative manner having surprised his wife. As such, patients who suffer from small penis size for a long period of time can turn their life around after the surgery.
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