May 30, 2011

Russian medical staffs have visited Yeson Voice Center for a Fam-Tour

A group of visitors including NOVOMED hospital staffs and the CEO of VERNAL Medical Tour Agency  from Vladivostok in Russia has visited YESON Voice Center for familization tour.
They were impressed with advaned equipment of the medical center and Articeum and YESON's friendly staffs.
This fam-tour is organized to commemorate the opening of U-Healthcare Center, founded by Korea Trourism Organization and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Vladivoistok.
U-Healthcare Center in Vladivostok is equipped with Remote Medical Consultation System with high-quality video telelcommunication device to deliver numeric and image data in realtime.

A number of medical facilities including Yeson Voice Center will provide the realtime remote medical consultation to Russian patients through this system which will takes a pivotal role for medical tourism in Korea.

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