May 30, 2011

Men's Problem; there is a new way out of it.

There has been developed a new surgical technique for penile enlargement and penile lengthening and treatment methods of prostate. “Penile Augmentations Surgery using AlloDerm,” which was co-developed by Dr. Lee Mu-Yean, Director of Adams Urological Clinic and Professor Whitehead (Albert Einstein College, New York), was introduced.
AllorDerm is a unique bio-material that is freezed and dried after removing soft tissues only from the lower skin layer (dermis) that has been processed to effectively guard against infection from germs and viruses, therefore, it feels and looks soft and natural as many of them want. The grafts also become a part of the surrounding skin tissues after it is placed. The grafted area is then filled with natural functional soft tissues after sic months. 
“By using AlloDerm in penile augmentation surgery, now we can perform the surgery without concerning about any remaining blind spots, risks or inconveniences from conventional enlargement surgery which takes a piece of tissue from a patient’s buttocks”, said Dr. Lee.
Along with AlloDerm, Dr. Lee introduced a device that doubles penile lengthening effect, called JES by attaching this device to their treatment site.
“We can lengthen it only by two to four centimeters when using conventional penile lengthening surgical method, however, thanks to introduction of JES, now we are able to lengthen it up to four to eight centimeters,” and he continued, “We now open a new field for penile augmentation surgery, the evolutionary technique in the department of male genital surgery.”, said Dr. Lee displaying his confidence.
[Written by Dong-Rip Sin, a reporter of Sports Today, ]


  1. This whole penile augmentation process sounds a bit scary. The traction system appears to be the most legitimate option, but do you have links to any of the studies that discuss them at greater length?

    Check out above link for additional information.