Apr 25, 2011

Regular health screening has saved my life from cancer

Don’t ever miss a regular health screening !A 43 year old woman, Myungsook Park, recently had cervical cancer surgery. However, it is hard to believe she had surgery because she looks very healthy. After surgery, she enjoys her life with her family, her husband and a six-year-old son while working as a capable general manager at a credit information company.On July, 2010, she had a regular health screening with her husband. She said “My husband and I have had health screening every year because the company my husband works for offers complementary health screening for an employee and a spouse every year. In 2008, there was no problem with the result, and I missed it in 2009 due to a family reason. Then, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2010.”
She was diagnosed with stage 0 cervical cancer from the blood test. She could not believe the diagnosis because she didn’t feel any symptoms. The one she was concerned about was that her sister died of breast cancer. Her sister was diagnosed with the second stage breast cancer and passed away two weeks after the surgery. At that time, she realized how important the regular health screening is.
After being diagnosed, she had cancer surgery at Kangbook Samsung Hospital. The quick medical process was possible because Kangbook Samsung Hospital has it all, a health screening center and cancer specialists. She was discharged from the hospital a week after the surgery and has shown the outstanding recovery.
During my hospitalization, I realized everything depends on how I think. I was so lucky to have a health screening at the right time. Now I am living a second life. I won’t waste my life anymore. I am going to do what I have wanted. And I will never miss a health screening.”

- Myungsook Park

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