Apr 25, 2011

Early detection of colorectal cancer through health screening

Insuk Jang, in her mid 50s, has never imagined herself to suffer from cancer. Although she noticed several physical changes here and there, she thought they were natural course of body as she ages. “Although I have had a regular health screening yearly through my employment, the health screening was done in a local clinic instead of a general hospital. The clinic was old and the equipment was outdated, but I still trusted the clinic.
In early 2009, she saw blood in her excrement. But she did not suspect any disease other than hemorrhoids at that time. Since she has no family history and maintains healthy diets, people said it might be from hemorrhoids.
On December 2009, she had unbearable abdominal pain and bloody excrement all night long. By the time, she figured out something was wrong with her body.
“ I was going to call a local clinic again, but my daughter stopped me. She made an appointment at Kangbook Samsung Hospital and I had a health screening there.”
On January 6, 2010, she had a health screening and was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. The health screening center immediately transferred her to the cancer center, and she was able to have surgery before it’s too late.
“The doctor said my body type is prone to cyst. The bloody excrement I had was also due to the cyst.”
Now gets the colonoscopy once every quarter. She said, “Don’t be sure that cancer is not for you. And check every tiny symptom on the body. The regular check is the only and the best way to keep your life healthy.”

- Insuk Jang

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