Apr 21, 2011

IFS + Algretto LASIK

For the new life!
My boyfriend, who is Korean, looked all over the places on the internet to find a right clinic for my eyes. It was tough to find one with English speaking staff. Then one of my acquaintance recommended me BS Eye Clinic and ended up coming here for LASIK surgery.
I was very impressed with the advanced technology and professional staffs of BS Eye Clinic. One thing I really liked was the number of preoperative tests I got. It made me feel very safe receiving surgery here. Also, I am very satisfied with kind and polite staffs.
I was very nervous during the process since I’ve never had any kind of surgery before. I had no idea of what was going to happen. But the doctor helped me to calm down during the surgery and made me feel secure. After the surgery, I was able to open my eyes right away, then, they took me to a room to get some rest for about half an hour.
I was thrilled to see everything clearly which I wanted so much.  I could see colors more vividly than ever. I was so happy that I didn’t have to wear glasses any more, I look prettier and my eyes look bigger without my glasses.
Although there was a little bit of pain involved, it was still worth it.

- Paulina, English Teacher

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