Apr 21, 2011

IntraLASIK + Wavefront

All of my family members received
the eye surgery at BS Eye Center.

While performing on the stage, I accidently lost my contacts. Although I could finish my performance without any trouble, I was not able to concentrate on my performance because of poor vision without contacts. My eyes have been exposed to intense stage lighting and I wore contacts for a long time. I realized that my eyes were getting worse and worse. So I decided to have eye surgery. Dr. explained about my condition in detail after preoperative eye exams, and recommended the ‘New Amaris’ Lasik for my eyes. He explained about surgical prodedures and equipments which he is going to use during my surgery. Therefore, when I entered the operating room, I had no fear about the surgery. During the operation, the doctor kept communicating with me which made me feel safe.
Now I enjoy my new life with better vision. I have talked to my team members, and Micky Youcheon and Shia Joonsoo has also taken the Lasik surgery at BS Eye Center.
Now, with the excellent vision, I could say goodbye to contacts. I don't need to carry them anymore. I really appreciate the staffs and a director of the Gangnam BS Eye Center who have given me the better eye sight.

- ChoiGangChangmin, Dongbangshinki/singer

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