Apr 21, 2011

Amaris + IntaLASIK

Don't hesitate, it's worth it!
During my stay in Korea for a year, I have heard of outstanding medical service in Korea many times. One of my friends who recently had LASIK surgery recommended me the BS eye center for LASIK surgery. So, I decided to take a shoot for the consultation first, then, I was going to think about it. However, after talking to a doctor at BS eye center, I set a schedule for the surgery immediately without hesitation. He explained every pros and cons of LASIK surgery and what to do and not to do before, during, and after the surgery. It was very easy to understand and clear to predict what differences the surgery makes on my life.
Now I am fully satisfied with not only the outcome of the surgery, but also the customer service at BS eye center. They welcome me every time I visit them with the best smile and pay attention to every word I say. I appreciate how much they care of me. Definitely, I will recommend BS eye center to all the people I know.
- Joshua Mallen, English Teacher

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