Oct 7, 2011

Seoul International Firework Festival

Every autumn in Seoul, the Seoul International Fireworks Festival features magnificent fireworks and special effects to decorate the night skies above the Han River, bringing enjoyment to many spectators. The festival is scheduled to be held again this year. Let’s see how to fully enjoy the festival, where the best spot is to take in a clear view of the fireworks, what interesting performances are planned.
Time to indulge yourself in the magic of
spectacular fireworks
The Seoul International Fireworks Festival is one of Seoul’s leading autumn festivals. This year marks the festival’s 9th holding. The festival will soon be held to the delight of many. Held by Hanwha Group and SBS and sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government the festival will be held at the Han River Park in front of the 63City located in Yeouido from 13:00 to 20:00 on Saturday, October 8. This year’s festival will be joined by a fireworks team from Korea as well as well-known fireworks teams from Japan and Portugal, with each team planning to showcase a unique show. The awe-inspiring fireworks will come together with special, grand water screen ligting, laser effects, and special effects to create a spectacular sight. On the day of the festival, a wide array of experiential events for citizens will be held from 13:00 at a grass yard in front of the Yeouinaru Station of Line 5. Starting from 17:00, there will be a SBS radio program recording, open to the public. Enjoy the sight of the autumn night skies of Seoul decorated brilliantly by the fireworks of the Seoul International Fireworks Festival!
Date and Time   October 8, 2011 (13:00~22:00)
Venue   In front of the Han River Park in Yeouido (In front of 63City)
Fare   No fee
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