Aug 9, 2011

Seoul Fringe Festival

Seoul Fringe Festival is an independent art festival created by voluntary participations and activities of various artists. In 1998, the festival initiated as an 'Independent Art Festival' with the motto, "Experiment and Exploration of Korean Fringe" that purposed its foundation as a movement to rebel against commercial pop culture and authoritative fine art, continues on to become the medium that able active interchanges through new cultural art.

The 14th Seoul Fringe Festival

17 days from August 11th (Thurs) ~ August 27th (Sat)

- Creative Areas & Streets around Hongdae University in Seoul
- 10 places within civic centerMain Programs- Indoor Performance Art Festival
- Outdoor Street Art Festival

Curated Programs- Opening Parade
- Run, Fringe, Run! (Outreach Performance)
- Eco-Fringe Project (Collaborators - Beautiful Store / Azime)
- Donation Invigoration Project (Collaborator - Doumnet)
- Fringe on Air (Collaborator - Mapo FM)

Special Program- Post Fringe
- Talk of 'Independence' with Art 1
- Talk of 'Independence' with Art 2
- Sustainable Art Activities Campaign
- Interdisciplinary Art Replay Forum
- Street Art Forum
- Independent Art Review
- Weekly Booze Party
- Creative Workshop
- Special Booklet

Side Program- Fringe Club / Newspaper Issue / On-Line Channel

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