Aug 10, 2011

Breast Augmentation & Detox Treatment

Best chance for those who considering breast augmentation surgery using Cohesive Gel Implant or by Natural petit surgery to fulfill your desire for fuller breasts!! This medical deal also includes Detox treatment using traditional Korean remedies for internal cleansing. Zoom 2 teeth whitening treatment comes with this deal for a complete make-over!

1. Required Treatment Time
    1) Breast Augmentation: 3~4 hours
       : Minimum of 5-day stay in Korea is required for follow up checks.
    2) Detox Treatment: 1.5 hour~
    3) Teeth Whitening: 1.5 hour~

2. Program Detail
    1) Breast Augmentation (choose one from option A & B)
       - Option A: Autologous Fat Grafting
         : It takes healthy lipid tissue from the body and uses it for breast
           enhancement on the same individual. It is safe and natural. 
           This new technology keeps the fat survival rate greater than 50%
           after the grafting.
       - Option B: Cohesive Gel Breast Implant
         : The cohesive gel is similar with Silicon implant but more viscous,
           and its safety is proven when it ruptures inside the human body. 
    2) Detox Treatment     

      - Traditional Korean remedies have been used for thousands of years for
         body imbalances and detoxification. Perfect treatment for tired &
         stressed body after the surgery.
   3) Zoom 2 Teeth Whitening       

      - 3 cycles of 15-minute teeth whitening including dental Cleaning and
        Self Whitening Kit
   4) Complementary
     -  A pressure garment is provided to minimize swelling after breast
        augmentation surgery.

3. Post Management
     - Wear a pressure garment after breast augmentation to minimize swelling.
     - Avoid drinking coffee and beverages with food dye for at least 2 days
       after teeth whitening.  

4. Before & After of Breast Augmentation
Cohesive Gel Implant 1
Cohesive Gel Implant 2
Autologous Fat Grafting

5. Before & After of Zoom2 Teeth Whitening

* Accommodation arrangement is available *
Korea Medical Hub provides discounted rate at affiliated hotels.
Make an appointment by phone or email.
Tel: +82-2-519-8013/8021

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