Aug 16, 2011

HERSHE 2-Line Rhinoplasty

2-Line Rhinoplasty is focused on profile correction of a nose. By combining height enhancement and tip plasty, it creates the most ideal nasolabial angle (95~105 degrees), the golden ratio for side profile that starts from forehead - nasal bridge - nasal tip to upper lip.

She had a round face with a proportionally larger nose and blunt nasal tip which gave her a dull look. She wanted to have her nose done for her wedding photo shoot. With 2-Line Rhinoplasty, she will have slimmer nasal bridge and


Post Management
  1. You may experience some pain with light bleeding, swelling and bruise for a couple of days after the surgery.
  2. Place an ice pack for 3~4 days after the surgery, then switch to a hot pack after that.
  3. The suture will be removed after 7 days. You can wear makeup after removing suture.
  4. Do not remove bandage, cast or cottons inside your nose voluntarily without consulting your doctor.
  5. Avoid strenous exercise for 3 weeks after the surgery. Light walk is recommended.
  6. Avoid sauna or public bath for 3 weeks after the surgery. Take light shower at home is recommended.
  7. Do not blow nose vigorously for 2 weeks after the surgery.
  8. Only take pain killer and anti-biotic prescribed by the doctor.
  9. Drinking and smoking is not allowed for 3 weeks after the surgery.
  10. Start wearing eye glasses or sunglasses 3 weeks after the surgery. If the osteotomy is performed during the surgery, start wearing them after a month.

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  1. The result is pretty impressive. Rhinoplasty as Having been around for years, the art that is involved in coming up with a good rhinoplasty outcome has greatly improved. This means that there are better techniques and materials available to come up with a nose that is naturally formed in the end. Unlike those oddly misshapen and clearly operated look that they had in the past.