Aug 15, 2011

Asia's first OQAS at i Love Eye Center

i Love Eye Center introduced OQAS (Ocular Quality Analysis System) that objectively measures estimated visual acuity after surgery during preoperative scan. The clinic is also selected as OQAS R&D Head Center.

The OQAS system is approved by FDA, CE, KFDA for its safety and performance. This is the only system available in the world that accurately measures light blurring and refraction rate in numeric value, thus allowing ophthalmologist to estimate maximum visual acuity after surgery.

i Love Eye Center is the only clinic with OQAS in Asia!

Advantages of OQAS
1. Ability to measure patient’s visual acuity in numeric value instead of relying on subjective answers of a patient.
2. Its safety approved by FDA, CE, KFDA.
3. Ability to analyze the quality of visual acuity after presbyopia correction surgery.
4. Ability to analyze the degree of cataract progression.
5. Ability to check light blurring phenomenon through simulation prior to surgery.
6. Ability to measure the maximum visual acuity one can gain after surgery.

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