Jun 3, 2011

TMJ dysfunction + Face pain treated at JASENG

I finally understood why my shoulders ached all the time.

I first followed my parents to this hospital. They wanted me to check out my jaws at the hospital because they made noise every time I opened and closed my mouth. I didn’t think it was anything serious, and I came along to Jaseng, just to humor my parents. However, when Dr. Kim saw my x-ray, he said I needed to attend the hospital regularly and receive treatment. I was very shocked because I had no idea that it would be so serious. I almost cried in his office.
However, after a couple weeks the treatment didn’t seem that bad and I got used to coming to the hospital regularly. I massaged my jaws like I was supposed to, and took my medicine, and in no time I felt a definite difference.
Apparently, my neck bone is very straight. Normal necks are supposed to be curved. When the doctor taught me what it meant to have a straight neck, and all the problems that entails I felt very enlightened. I finally understood why my shoulders ached all the time. As I consciously tried to have better posture and tried to set my neck straight, I felt a lot less pressure on my neck and shoulders. So in addition to my improved jaws, my back and neck have also gotten better!
Even though the treatment was painful and kind of scary at first, I am really glad that I received it. I’ll be careful and continue with my massages and consciously have good posture though, so that I won’t have to come back.
Eun-Hee Park (20)
Disorder: TMJ dyssfunction / Face pain

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