Jun 29, 2011

Learn how to prevent wrinkles in your daily life

Do you feel sad when you see new wrinkles appear?
Improving your way of life can delay the aging effect.

Wrinkles mark the passing of time

>> Sleep on your back
 Lying on your stomach or your side causes wrinkles to form more easily. The skin stretches around your temples resulting in lines around your forehead and crows-feet around your eyes. So always try to sleep on your back.
>> Don't make grimaces
Grimacing often leaves trace marks on your face. Those with poor vision will grimace more frequently, which causes deep lines to form underneath their eyes. Constantly keeping a bright smile on your face helps you to have a brighter mind and firmer skin.
>> Release your face muscles with a massage
Using your index fingers, massage up and down around both sides of your mouth to release tension in that area. Repeating this step regularly will help against signs of premature againg around your mouth and nose, which makes you appear to be older than you really are.

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