May 10, 2011

Treat Your voice with Laryngoplasty and Phonoplasty at YESON VOICE CENTER

Many undergo cosmetic surgery to overcome inferiority complex in their appearance. Although it is not as common as facial complex, some do have inferiority complex in their voice. You can also improve your inherent voice to more just as you do with your face or body. Dr. Hyung-Tae Kim, a director of Yeson Voice Center, has provided information about ‘Laryngoplasty and Phonoplasty’.

▲ Longer vocal fold even makes women to have low & deep voice. You can obtain clear
high voice by receiving ‘Vocal Fold Shortening and Advancement of Anterior Commissure
(VFS AAS)’.   /   Jiho Shin, a reporter of Health Chosun

For Vocal Fold Paralysis: Laryngoplasty
Sulcus Vocalis, a groove or infolding of mucosa along the surface of the vocal fold, which causes extremely harsh and reedy voice can be cured with Transcutaneous EMG-guided Injection Laryngoplasty(TEIL). It injects an organic prosthesis into the vocal fold without using anesthesia and making any incisions on skin. In order for the inserted prosthesis to take a proper position in the vocal fold, you should not speak for 2 days after the surgery and avoid making loud sound for additional 3 weeks.
▶Tip: You may experience temporary irritation or burning sensation in your throat 2~3 hours after the surgery.  The surgery costs around 1.8 million KRW.

For women with low & deep voice: Vocal Fold Shortening + Advancement of Anterior Commissure
Those with low & deep voice can gain typical high-pitch voice for women using ‘Vocal Fold Shortening’ and ‘Advancement of Anterior Commissure’ procedures in combination. Women have shorter vocal fold of 1.5~1.8cm compared to men’s of 2.0~2.3cm, and voice frequency is higher at 200~250Hz than men’s 100Hz. However, some have men’s voice regardless their gender because of inherently longer vocal fold or thick vocal fold due to excessive secretion of testosterone. ‘Vocal Fold Shortening’ is a procedure that reduces the length and modifies the shape of vocal fold. ‘Advancement of Anterior Commissure’ is a procedure that ties the upper part of vocal fold to reduce the size. The average voice frequency of 150 patients who have undergone these procedures is increased from 137.3Hz to 211.5Hz.
On the other hand, men with thin & high pitch voice can be treated by injecting botox to the vocal fold to paralyze the muscle that plays high note. Vocal training has to be accompanied as well for better outcome.
▶Tip: It takes 3 months to recover. Voice feminization costs around 3.7million KRW, and Botox treatment around 250,000KRW
▲ A patient is measuring her voice frequency.
Jiho Shin, a reporter of Health Chosun

Spasmodic Dysphonia: Botox Treatment
Those with breaking voice can be treated with ‘Multiple Laryngeal Muscle Injections with Botox’. Spasmodic Dysphonia occurs due to abnormal larynx nerve signal that controls the movement of vocal fold. Patients with this disorder lose control of their laryngeal muscle, which makes it hard to talk and break off sound. ‘Multiple Laryngeal Muscle Injections with Botox’ help patients to gain control of laryngeal muscle. 92% out of 1700 patients who received this treatment showed improvement. It is recommended to receive the botox injection treatment from experienced otolaryngologists since they need to distinguish laryngeal muscles and vocal muscles through EMG test. Although one botox injection is effective only for 4~6 weeks, the effect can last for 5~6 months if increased the dose.
▶Tip: Your voice may become hoarse for a month if you increase the botox dosage. Although cost varies from hospitals, it costs approx. 250,000KRW.

Written by Heejun Han
Reporter of Health Chosun

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