May 10, 2011

JASENG delivered a lecture for RSMU's surgical specialists on Oriental 'Non-Surgical Spine & Joint Treatment'.

On March 16th, Dr. Shin Joon-Shik lectured Oriental Non-surgical Spine Treatment in Russian State Medical University (RSMU hereunder) of Moscow, Russia, in representation of Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine, the spine specialist duly designated by Health & Welfare Ministry of Korea.

RSMU, the best medical university in Russia affiliating about 80 medical facilities across the world including East-European bloc, Germany, France has a centurial history of medicine and 10,000 students enrolled. Dr. Shin delivered the lecture at the invitation from school’s president N.N. Volodin where over 300 medical staffs and students of RSMU including neurosurgical, orthopedic spine specialists were in.

In lecture, Dr. Shin showed how to cure spine & joint disease in oriental ways by showing Motion Style Treatment (MST hereunder) Acupuncture, Chuna Manipulation, and proper medications, all of which have been scientifically proved. Not only delivering lecture and showing video clips of curing cases, Dr. Shin demonstrated methods to those who’re suffering from frozen shoulder and disc herniation, in showing the excellence of oriental medicine so that Russian audiences could experience and see the instant cure out of the methods.

Highly inspired by this, audiences were shooting questions regarding Jaseng’s genuine MST Acupuncture and its application.
President Volodin of RSMU added “I was deeply impressed by Jaseng’s Non-surgical Spine Cure System when I was in Medical Tourism Conference in Seoul. I wanted to share this to Russian spine specialists and that’s why Dr. Shin is here today”.
One of the participating neurosurgical specialists also added “It was interesting, especially due to the demonstration of methods. I could see great curable effect out of it. Though we’re still in need of theoretical progressions in MST Acupuncture and Chuna Manipulation, I’m sure this will definitely and readily be applicable in Russia.
Volodin also expressed his strong will for theoretical and personal interchanges to Dr. Shin. He said “Cooperation of Jaseng and RSMU, the combination of Jaseng’s technology, clinical experiences, and our excellent medical research infrastructure. I think it’s one of the greatest ideas and just like that, we both can be a great medical contributor to global society.”
Dr. Shin responded “I saw big potential here seeing their great interest on our non-surgical treatment. I’m very happy to be here today and deliver lecture. This was a great prelude of development of oriental medicine here in Russia. I truly wish RSMU to spare no efforts and labor for us on further development of oriental medicine.”
Jaseng and RSMU both will soon ink MOU and consult about various interchange programs involving student, researcher dispatch and research academy establishment.

Followed by lecture in LA Cedars Sinai Medical Center last February, Jaseng is projecting to expedite globalization of oriental medicine, beginning at Russia. They’re now in the course of introducing this to East-European bloc, where oriental medicine is lesser known compared to America, Germany, and Western Europe. Stepping forward to those countries and Russia is now establishing a foothold of oriental medicine, with its highly advanced technology.

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