Apr 27, 2011

What makes beautiful nose? It’s a nasolabial angle!

The nose influences entire facial impression because it is located in the center. Many people visit our clinic to consult about their nose. While seeing many patients, I have seen a variety of nose such as a downturn, an upturn, or a flat nose. Compared to past, I have realized that patients are getting more interesting in correcting the shape of a nose than simply enhancing its height.
The ideal nose generally possesses two specific ratios of distance: the equal distance between the wing to the tip of the nose, and 1 to 2 ratio between the distance from the wing to the tip of the nose and the length of entire nasal bridge on the lateral view. However, the beautiful nose is defined by the balance between the nose and entire faces, not just by specific dimensions such as size, width, and height.
Especially, the nasolabial angle, an angle between the nasal septum and the philtrum, is probably the most important factor to decide whether a nose is beautiful not.

The nasolabial angle is not the absolute, but it is usually said that 100 to 105 degree for women and 90 to 95 degree for men are believed to be the most ideal for Asian nose. In addition, the nasolabial angle affects not only the nose, but also the beauty of an oral structure. The ideal nasolabial angle creates a slightly upturned nose and enhances a beautiful line from a nose to lips. While the flat line of a nasal bridge is an ideal shape for men, the women’s nose should have two different shapes, slightly convex shape in the middle of nasal bridge and concave shape on the tip of the nose.
MissKo cosmetic surgery allows us to create accurate nasolabial angle by using the Scaffolder which supports the cartilage tissue of the nose. Previous surgical techniques mainly focused on the height and the shape of a nose, not the nasolabial angle. Additional effect that a patient gains by MissKo surgery would be beautiful shape of nasal wings. For those reasons, a current cosmetic society prefers MissKo on rhinoplasty.

To sum up, MissKo surgery pursues the overall ideal balance of nose from every different view, frontal, lateral, superior, and inferior views, and is considered the best surgical technology by plastic surgeons. We are proud of ourselves for being a MissKo surgery specialist.

Written by Youngchun Chung
President of HerShe Plastic Surgery Clinic

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