Apr 10, 2011

Jiwon Ha's Magic Show

On the Apr. 10th, the exclusive model for Olay, Jiwon Ha, attended the ‘Olay free-exchange event’ at Kyungbang Time Square in Youngdengpo and performed the magic show in front of thousands of audiences. In the magic show, she vanished an empty bottle of Olay product and reappeared a brand new crème product using her hat.

She said, “I have been practicing the table tennis everyday for the movie. Also two movies, ‘The Cheal Sung Goo,’ meaning the seven magic balls, and ‘The Korea’ will be coming soon on the theater. You could look forward to that. In the ‘Olay free-exchange event,’ 50 people with the empty bottle of Olay products exchanged with the brand new Olay products.

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