Apr 11, 2011

Korean Rock Band 'CN BLUE' reaches #1 in Taiwanese Music Chart

Korean rock band CN Blue’s single album ‘First Step’ is ranked as the first at Weekly G-MUSIC Chart in Taiwan. What's surprising about this is that CN Blue has not released their album in Taiwan yet. CN Blue’s ‘First Step’ has been reached the number one in many music charts in Korea.
CN Blue ranked the second at Oricon Chart in Japan last year and their debut mini-album, ‘Bluetory,’ and the second mini-album, ‘Blue love,’ reached the double platinum in Taiwan. The platinum is awarded for a singer who sold the album more than 10,000 ea. CN Blue was the first Korean singer who reaches the platinum in Taiwan.

FNC Music Company who manages CN Blue said, “It was quite surprising that CN Blue ranked as the first in Taiwan although we haven’t released the album there yet. CN Blue thinks it's amazing! They really appreciate and look forward to meeting fans in Taiwan soon.”

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