Apr 19, 2011

Cirque du Soleil in Seoul!

“Varekai” has finally made its way to Seoul after having toured much of the rest of the world over the last decade. It will be staged from April 6-May 29 at Jamsil Sports Complex. Cirque du Soleil is an extraordinary troupe of circus performers, dancers, contortionists, clowns, and other colorful characters you’re unlikely to see elsewhere on this planet. This story, while far from the essential reason to go, involves the Greek myth of Icarus. The winged figure finds  himself in the midstof a volcano and any number of fantastic creatures. The death — and subsequent re-birth — of the character brings forth a wow factor you probably haven’t enjoyed since you were a kid watching a trapeze artist do a triple somersault. If you’ve ever wanted to feel awed and amazed without ingesting illegal narcotics, this is easily the best way to do it. While not worth the price of admission alone, Irina Naumenko bends her way into some extraordinary positions to “save” our man Icarus. Cirque du Soleil takes the best forms of human talent, harnesses them into a spectacle, and leaves an unforgettable night permanently embedded in your memory. Unless you decide to follow up this classy evening with soju.

When: April 6-May 29; Tuesday- Friday 8 p.m., Saturday 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., Sunday 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.
How much: 60,000 - 220,000 won a seat. Note that the VIP seats include access to a fancy VIP lounge and some souvenirs.
Where: Jamsil Sports Complex (Jamsil Sports Complex station, line 2, exit 6) - look for the Big Top tent.
Why: Because you’ve never seen Cirque Du Soleil in person, and you probably won’t have another chance to see it in Korea anytime soon.
What to wear: A snappy dress shirt and a freshly dry-cleaned suit jacket wouldn’t be out of place for the men; ladies, this might be the reason to wear that

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