Oct 5, 2011

A Ceci magazine editor's cosmetic surgery tryout

With the Ceci Magazine's promotion - Get one cosmetic surgery for free, two of Ceci magazine readers and myself, an editor, were selected for this cosmetic surgery tryout promotion at Real Cosmetic Clinic, a renowned clinic located in the heart of cusmetic surgery street in Seoul.

Experiencing cosmetic surgery

Everyone desires beautiful look. When I was asked to pick one area on my face for free trial of cosmetic surgery procedure, I chose an Asian eyelid surgery for my eyes without any hesitation. I had uneven eyes which troubled me every morning. I spent time making a fake eyelid crease on my right eye to match my left eye which has a natural eyelid crease. As the first step of this promotion, I posted ads on the ‘Ceci Magazine’ website to look for two volunteers for this promotion. I was worried about having no applicants since pictures of volunteers will be published on Ceci magazine. What a surprise! On the contrary to my worry, many girls submitted applications with their stories about cosmetic surgery they want to receive. After discussing with Dr. Soosin Kim, a head cosmetic surgeon at Real Cosmetic Clinic, we selected two volunteers for this promotion.

The Lucky Girls!

cosmetic surgery candidate
Girls with the best luck were Jeesun Kim, a college student, who wanted to have a rhinoplasty on her upturned nose, and HyangKee Kim, a jewelry designer, who complained about her low nasal bridge and round-shaped facial line. And I, myself, wanted to have an Asian eyelid surgery for a balanced eyelid crease on both sides. We finally visited ‘Real Cosmetic Clinic’ and were impressed about nice and comfortable vibe and friendly receptionists with great smile. We’ve filled out the initial medical record form at the information desk and met Dr. Soosin Kim for initial evaluation and surgical/treatment planning. Dr. Soosin Kim recommended a rhinplasty and a blepharoplasty for Jeesun, a rhinoplasty for Hayngkee, and an Asian eyelid surgery on my right eye. We set up our surgery schedule and were explained about indications and contraindications before, during and after the surgery.

The operation day!

cosmetic surgery pre-exam   Asian eyelid surgery
Three ladies received the surgery on the same day. Jeesun had an Asian eyelid surgery along with epicanthic fold removal, and did get a light rhinoplasty. Hyangkee also had a rhinoplasty to make her nasal bridge higher. I forgot about fasting for a day and had some snacks before coming to the clinic. Therefore, I had to settle for a local anesthesia instead of a general anesthesia. I was trembling with fear on the way to the operating room. However, I did not feel any pain during the operation. I even talked to Dr. Kim while having surgery. It took only half an hour and I was moved to the recovery room with ice pack on the surgical area. A nurse taped around the surgical area to reduce pain and swelling. She set up an appointment for follow ups and called a taxi for us.


The most important part of cosmetic surgery is the after-care rather than the surgery or treatment, itself. After the surgery, Real Cosmetic Clinic washed my hair because I was not able to shampoo for, at least, four days. Real Cosmetic Clinic removed the stitches and again washed my hair four days after the surgery. Another service for customers was 24-hour hotline which connects you to doctors directly. Fortunately, all of us did not need to use this hotline. Generally, the surgical area swells over time and peaks three days after surgery. However, I haven’t experienced significant swelling during recovery and I believe that herbal tape inhibit the swelling. HyangKee who had a rhinoplasty downloaded the dietary guidelines to inhibit swelling and followed them for two weeks. Jeesun who had both of rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty took longer time to recover from swelling because of larger surgical area. On the tenth day, swelling on her face was subdued. 28 days later, when all of us gathered around, we were surprised by our brand new looks. Yes! We are fully satisfied with cosmetic surgery tryout at Real Cosmetic Clinic.

- Gyeonghee Ko, Editor of Ceci Magazine
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