Oct 14, 2011

COEX Mall, the one-stop toursit attraction in Seoul, Korea

COEX Mall is an underground shopping mall, part of the South Korean World Trade Center (COEX) complex, located in Gangnam-gu of Seoul. Along with hundreds of shops, the mall houses restaurants, a 17-screen multi-cinema complex, an aquarium attraction, a large bookstore, and the Kimchi Museum. Also in the neighborhood are hotels, a department store and a duty free shop. Thanks to its underground location, the weather is not a concern at all.
Open hours 10:30~22:00 (Different hours depending on the shops)
Direction   Get off Samsung Station on Subway Line 2 and move along the passage between exit 5 and 6.
 Shopping Paradise
The shopping mall has some 200 shops of local and foreign brands ranging from clothing, accessory, cosmetics to souvenirs. A good example is Enter Six, a trendy shop of clothes from multiple brands for those in their 10s and 20s.
Open hours   10:30~22:00 (Different hours depending on the shops)
Mega Box
One of Korea’s largest multi-cinema complex with 17 screens. It warrants your visit even when you are not inclined to see a movie as the complex displays props from movies and a thematic photo zone.
Open hours   8:00~1:00(weekdays), 8:00~2:00(Fri~Sun), Open all year round
 Kimchi Museum
You can learn everything about kimchi like its various kinds and effects at the museum. It features kimchi-related historic relics and offers a sampling corner of different kinds of kimchi. You can also find plenty of information on jeotgal salted fish, the indispensable ingredient of kimchi.
Open hours   10:00~18:00 (Closed on Mondays)
Fare   KRW3,000 per adult, KRW2,000 per student
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COEX Aquarium, the sea in downtown

Korea’s largest ocean-themed park that attracts visitors with 40,000 fish in some 650 species housed in tanks of 3,000 tons of water. If you have brought your child with you to Korea, it is a must-visit place. The five zones of ‘travel of water’, ‘Amazon tropical forest’, ‘mangrove seashore’, ‘seven seas’, and ‘deep sea’ are arranged to mimic the continuous movement of water on the Earth. The main tank, Ocean Kingdom has tens of sharks leisurely moving through the tunnels above the visitors’ heads. It gives an impression as if you were deep in the sea. The penguin tank accommodates Korea’s only Humboldt penguin brought from South America as well as manatees, an endangered species. The Kids’ Aquarium holds blowfish, crown fish (featured in the animated film Finding Nemo), gecko lizard, and other forms of aquatic life. The children can touch starfish, sea urchin, and such in the touch pool to directly learn about them.
Open hours   10:00~20:00 (last entry: 7pm)
Fare   KRW17,500 per adult, KRW11,000 per child
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To find more information about other attractions in Korea, visit www.koreamedicalhub.com

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