Sep 14, 2011

Magic Concert: Modern Sherlock Holmes by Hyeon-U Choi

This magic show borrows the plot of a mystery drama where a suspect of a crime is hidden among the audience. The audience play the part of a criminal or detective and engage in tense mind games with the magician to figure out the puzzling case. Being part of the show, they have to guess the tricks used in the events happening in front of them, and suspect each other. What’s more interesting, the magician Choi, Hyeon-U will reveal the secrets of his illusion magic for the first time. The audience can participate in the magic which is otherwise strictly limited to magicians’ area. They become illusion actors themselves to cut the beautiful assistant into half. Choi, who staged the “Magic Concert Hyeon-U in wonderland” last year and received a standing ovation in each performance, put lots of efforts in coming up with this new show. With an even bigger scale and well-plotted story, this magic show will present magical moments to share with your family and lover.

Venue Grand Theater in Yongsan Art Hall
Period August 20 to September 18, 2011 (No performance on Mondays)
For inquiries 070-7730-6846

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