Jul 27, 2011

Popular cosmetic surgery for celebrities

Public interest in cosmetic surgery has been amplified by the celebrities whose before & after photos were revealed on internet. Seeing their drastic changes after the cosmetic surgery, people plead with their plastic surgeons to transform themselves just like the celebrities in the photos.
What kind of cosmetic procedures do those celebrities prefer?

Petite procedures are one of the most common and popular for the celebrities. While many aspiring entertainers don’t hesitate to undergo the entire face makeover, those who already made a name tend to make a small change at a time using filler or Botox. Many celebrities regularly receive Botox, filler, PRP and MTS treatments that regenerate skin cells and improve elasticity regardless their age with regard to the popularity of HD TV, displaying skin imperfections of actors without filtration.

Orthognathic surgery is another popular procedure among the celebrities. In the past, the surgery was limited to shaving off squared jaw or prominent cheekbone, but it is now progressed to customizing several surgical procedures optimized for each individual’s facial features to achieve egg shaped face which is considered to be the most photogenic. Recently, rounder facial shape is gaining its popularity as people wish to have younger looking face.

Body contouring is another major procedure for the celebrities. With the appearance of stars who have well sculpted body, other celebrities are now eager to shape up their body as well. Some of them do so by well planned work out, but localized stubborn fat can be removed through the surgical procedure such as liposuction. The body contouring procedure can give an actor a six pack and the S-line to an actress.

Breast augmentation is also popular among female celebrities. They want to have a Barbie doll’s body shape, but it is almost impossible to have voluminous breasts while their body is skinny. Thus, many female celebrities choose to enhance their breasts and slim out waist and legs.

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Written by Dr. Sooshin Kim

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