Jul 13, 2011

Double Eyelid Surgery at Real Cosmetic Clinic

My eyes were small and uneven which made me look tired and worn out. It wasn't easy to cover them up with a makeup. After comtemplating for a long time, I finally decided to get plastic surgery.

I took the after photo a week after the surgery. Although you can still see some swelling, my eyes are a lot bigger and look more lively!

My eyes now look very natural after 10 months. I am very pleased with my new look and I notice that I feel more confident about myself. I can't even remember how my eyes looked like before the surgery anymore^^ (Yeah, yeah...it's more like I don't want to remember how I looked.)

If any of you are hesitating to get the eye surgery, I would like to encourage you to go for it! However, don't forget you must choose the clinic carefully since there won't be the second time.

I really thank REAL for giving me such beautiful eyes^^

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