Jun 20, 2011

Sexy lips with restylane filler

Petit Lip Plasty is the simple ehhancement.augmentation procedure that aims to improve the apprearance of the lips by creating fuller, plumper lips by injecting restylane filler whose main ingredient is hyaluronic acid.

What is hyaluronic acid?
It is an active ingredient that helps maintaining moisture and elasticity in our body. It is often used for natural & moisturizing cosmetic products.

Consultation w/ a doctor

Eunjung was concerned about her upper lip which tends to get thin whenever she speaks or makes facial expressions. Although she had fuller lower lip, she wanted to have plump lips like celebrities.

The day of procedure

What is the special feature of petit lip plasty?
The lip plasty which injects restylane filler is the most ideal procedure for lips augmentation and correcting irregular lip line. The entire process takes only 5~10 minutes. Patients can have plump lips with healthy glow that looks natural since the amount of filler injected to the lips can be adjusted.

After the Surgery

It usually takes 1~2 days for the swelling to go down after petit lip plasty. 
* After photos were taken immediately after the procedure.

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