Jun 7, 2011

How to distinguish between real and false hunger

If you are feeling hungry too often, it is most likely false hunger. Oriental medicine explanis this as a lack of energy in the body. Low energy levels result in low metabolism, and thus, decrease the functions of the organs which causes dizziness and fatigue. Eating in this condition causes food to accumulate in the body as fat and fluid, instead of being used as a necessary fuel to energuze your body.

5 Commandments to eliminate false hunger

1. Increase secretion of endorphins with intensive exercise.
If you want to decrease the stress which induces false hunger, secretion of endorphins needs to be increased. Endorphins rapidly increase when you do intensive exercises such as aerobics. The sense of accomplishment after the exercise also helps a lot in relieving stress.
2. Avoid food which contains fructose.
Carbonated drinks and/or fruit juice contain high fructose corn syrup. Drinking such beverages increases your caloric intake. They also cause spikes in the blood sugar levels followed by a rapid fall, which gives the illusion of hunger. Refined sugar, enriched flour, and bleached flour also induce false hunger and can lead to rapid mood swings.
3. Increasing protein introjections
Protein inrake is proportional to the inhibition of appetite. Adding high protein food such as tofu, egg and meat in your diet will noticeably decrease false hunger.
4. Try not to confuse psychological emptiness for hunger.
If you feel hungry less than 3 hours after eating without any heavy physical activity, then it is most likely false hunger. Our body confuses psychological emptiness for hunger.
5. Drink enough water
The lack of water in your body is the main reason for the dalse hunger. Drinking 1.5 liters of water daily is recommended, so always have it near you. Try to avoid coffee and green tea, which accelerates the emission of water.


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