May 15, 2011

The way to live without glasses

Hyesoo Kim, a college student, who was envious of her friends that had vision correction surgery during winter break, decided to have the surgery for herself. However, she did not have enough time for the surgery because she's a fulltime student and working as a part-timer. She had to delay the plan  for next summer break.
Like Hyesoo, it is quite difficult for busy workers or students to get eye surgery. In order to help them, P & VIIT(BS Eye Center) offers ‘DAYFIT’ program which takes only 1 day to correct their vision from initial examination to surgery. With the DAYFIT program, it is now easier to make a schedule for vision correction surgery.
Generally, vision correction surgery needs at least two days; the first visit for initial examination and the second visit for the operation. Using DAYFIT program, a patient could have vision correction surgery on Friday and go to work on Monday.
The P & VITT Eye Center is equipped with specialized examination center and operation center which allows the fastest service for patients. At P & VITT Eye Center, you can make an appointment in the morning or afternoon and still able to get the surgery the same day.
In addition, preoperative examination which is consisted of 10 steps and 50 tests maximizes the safety of vision correction surgery, including DNA test that evaluates the existance of Avellino Corneal dystrophy.
Wavefront test is also included in preoperative examination to accurately measure the degrees of astigmatism or myopia and also measures corneal thickness and degree of refraction, intraocular pressure and size of pupil. Based on results from preoperative examination, vision correction surgery at P & VITT Eye Center is able to bring the best outcome for the patients.
Dr. Jinkook Kim, a president of P & VIIT Eye Center, said, “people with very busy life do not have time for vision correction surgery. The DAYFIT program is a great opportunity for them because the only thing they need is a day off. Even though it takes only one day, the process is identical with another vision correction surgery includes 50 preoperative examinations and the same surgical procedure.”

Written by a reporter of Culture Journal 21

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