May 2, 2011

Dr.Shin of JASENG has given a lecture in US

On February 10th, 2011, Dr. Shin, Joon-Shik from Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine gave a lecture on Non-Surgical Spine Treatment at, Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA.

The lecture was requested by Cedars Sinai Medical Center. They were very interested about Jaseng’s approach on Non-Surgical Spine Treatments and research involved. Dr. Shin is the 1st Korean Medical Doctor to speak to his distinguished US peers. (orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, pain and rehabilitation specialists, and musculoskeletal specialists) This lecture represents the recognition of Jaseng’s Non-Surgical Spine Treatment approach.
Cedars Sinai Medical Center was established in 1902 and is located in Beverly Hills, California. They were ranked 11th in 2009 amongst US hospitals subsequently gaining attention and notoriety from all aspects of media to celebrities.

Dr. Shin introduced scientifically proven MST (Motion Style Treatment), Chuna herbal medicines, Bee venom acupuncture and other non-surgical treatments in his lecture. His peers at Cedars Sinai were especially interested in the ‘before and after’ cases of spinal stenosis, TMJ dysfunction, frozen shoulder, etc.
The Medical Director of Physical Medicine at Spine Centre, Dr. Avrom Gart commented, ‘This is a very interesting and effective new approach in treatment. I am very glad through this lecture we are able to take a positive step forward in the integration of Western and Eastern Spine Treatment. In the future, we are going to work towards a Western and Eastern collaboration treatment system with Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine.’
In conclusion, Dr. Shin said, ‘This lecture represents a positive step forward amongst his peers within the medical powerhouse of the world. The US milestone is significant in the validation of the superiority of Non-surgical Korean Spine Treatment. With the rise in popularity with Chinese medicine, Jaseng has an opportunity to take a successful step forward with its partners into the global market.’
Jaseng recognizes this opportunity and will maximize the synergy in its collaboration with its US peers to effectively put Korea’s medical footprint in the World.


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