May 20, 2011

National Pocket Ball Player, Yuram Cha received iFS LASIK at BS Eye Center

                            iFS + Amaris                   L/R: from -1.5 to 1.2

I have been wearing contacts whenever I practice or compete. Since I usually practice for over 6 hours daily, my eyes were dry and sore. After witnessing my older sister, Boram Cha, suffering during the LASIK surgery 3 years ago, I was quite reluctant to undergo the LASIK surgery for myself. However, my coach and other atheletes convinced me to go through with LASIK, pointing out advantages of the surgery.
After receiving pre-operative eye exam, I found out the thickness of my cornea is thicker than other people, which makes me an ideal candidate for LASIK surgery.

Mr.Jangsu Lee, a national pocket ball team coach, was also very relieved to hear that as well. Dr. Ryu, a director of BS Eye Center has given me and my coach a thorough explanation about the procedure and I decided to undergo LASIK surgery.

I chose iFS LASIK which is proven to be more resistant to external shock, the most suitable surgical method for a person like me involved in physical activity than average people.

My eyes became sensitive for 1~2 days after the surgery, but I've heard it is a common symptom for majority of people after the LASIK. Sometimes I felt a little bit of ichness, but I made sure not to rub my eyes. I also strictly followed a doctor's words, instilling eyedrops, anti-biotics and eye gel on time.
After a few days, I was able to go back to normal daily life.
It is important to follow a doctor's words in order to shorten the downtime after the surgery. Now I really enjoy competing without having to wear contacts.
Thank you BS Eye!

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