Apr 29, 2011

Pursuit of the Perfect Body

Yoonjoo Jang, a model, is refered as one of the sexiest stars in Korea with her perfect body. Her lingerie photo alnum is recently released and received great public attention.
Jang is recruited as a new model for Venus, a leading lingerie company. On her debut commercial on T.V., she wore pink and black underwear and the commercial was voted as the sexiest commercial ever. Ladies hoping to have ‘Jang’s body’ came to Chungdam-Dong, the heart of cosmetic surgery in Korea, to have the perfect body. Thinking natural beauli breast surgery may be an answer for them, we visited Hershe Plastic Surgery Clinic, the specialist of natural beauli breast surgery in Korea.
According to Dr. Youngchun Chung, a director of Hershe Plastic Surgery Clinic, the natural beauli breast surgery not only enhances the breast but also reduces fat in thigh and waist at the same time.
How does this happen? The surgery first takes lipid tissues from thighs and waist of a patient, and then transplants them into breasts. In other words, the lipid tissues substitute silicone implants.
Dr. Chung said, “This procedure can create slim body and breast enhancement at the same time. Moreover, the surgery only takes 1 ~ 1.5 hours and the patient can fully recover within a week.” Dr. Chung mentioned, “Although, the natural beauli breast surgery was only favored by K-pop stars in the past, many professionals, housewives and brides to be also prefer this procedure.”
The natural beauli breast surgery makes real breasts with both feeling and looking. When you lie on your back, the shape of your breasts will naturally spread out. In addition, the liposuction procedure makes slim thighs and waist and emphasizes the balanced line between an upper and a lower body. Dr. Chung mentioned that natural beauli breast surgery causes less damage on tissues compared to other breast augmentation. Therefore, a patient experiences less pain and faster recovery. Also, it only requires local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia.
Dr. Chung recommended a person who underweighs to avoid the natural beauli breast augmentation. He emphasized, “The safety always comes first over the beauty.”
The beauli technique, the fundamental of the natural beauti breast surgery, was developed by German plastic surgeons and was proven its safety. It also increased a survival rate of auto-lipotransplantated fat by 50%.

Daewon Kim
An editor of Nanoom news

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