Apr 21, 2011

Providing effective treatment for hypertension with Home Health Care System

Recently Mr. P, in his mid of 50s, visited a hospital for hypertension. His blood pressure has never gone down although he has been taking medication for a while. His problem was ‘white coat hypertension’ which shows higher blood pressure in hospital while normal at home, and the medicine he was prescribed with only based on higher blood pressure measured at the hospital. This case shows us why we need a home-based health care system. Hypertension is closely related to diet, exercise, and psychological status, which happens at home. Therefore, the most important part for hypertension treatment is the home care system. However, in most cases, patients forget to mention vital factors when talking to doctors. The patients should let the doctor know detailed information. In order to do so, the patients with hypertension should record his/her blood pressure twice a day and note them. Although the psychological status is hard to record, the patients should describe his/her psychological status as detail as possible every day. Since it is not easy to take care of oneself without others’ help, it is highly recommended to set up the professional home health care system that connects between hospital treatment and home health care. This will help providing the patient’s detailed information regarding to the doctors.
Home health care system monitors blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI, meals and exercise, then automatically forwarded to health care managers at hospital. This allows patients to have online consultation with health care managers via video chat. The accumulated data from the system is also transferred to the doctor for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.
The huge companies such as LG CNS co. ltd., and Intel Inc. also jumped into the market of home health care system for patients with chronic diseases in cooperation with medical facilities. The development of this home health care system is expected to create a new paradigm of effective hypertension treatment.

Written by Woo-Jin Yang
The director of Seoul Central Clinic

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