Apr 30, 2011

Junho Lee, 2 PM, had a LASIK Surgery

Hello, I’m Junho Lee from 2PM.
I’ve worn a pair of glasses since I was a kid. However, after debut, I couldn’t wear it because I kept dropping my glasses on the stage. So, I wore contact lenses instead. Wearing contact lenses everyday caused redness in my eyes. Finally, I decided to have a vision correction surgery. Yay!
I visited BS Eye Center and met Dr. Sooshin Kim. Dr. Kim explained the surgical procedure step by step. I finally had a LASIK surgery. It took less than an hour. It was the most efficient one-hour that I’ve ever spent in my whole life. I should’ve done LASIK surgery a long time ago.
Thank you BS Eye Center!

L: From -2.0 to 1.0
R: From -2.5 to 1.0

Junho Lee, 2PM

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