Apr 27, 2011

Hi Seoul Festival 2011!

Enjoy the largest festival in Seoul since 2003.
Seoul is one of the most beautiful cities in the World!
It is a great time to visit Seoul, Korea.
You will have the most unforgettable experience in Seoul.

The Gestures of Spring

Now, in splendid May, Beautiful gestures from around the world awaken,
Here, in energetic Seoul, a festival of nonverbal performances unfolds,
We, all of us together, become one in acclamations of enthusiasm and sincere appreciation
Six days of festive voyage to Hangang and downtown Seoul!
New pleasures encountered each day in the parks, streets and plazas.
Hi Seoul Festival 2011 that has risen as a global artistic festival proposes you an exhilarating spring break.

Period: 5/5/2011 (Thu) ~ 5/10/2011 (Tue)
Place: Yeouido Hangang Park and Urban Squares (Seoul/Cheonggye/Gwanghwamun Squre)
Theme: Nonverbal Performances
Slogan: The Gestures of Spring (Calling for Spring)
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