Apr 6, 2011


At the bottom end of Haebangchon (HBC), the emerging neighborhood a kilometer northwest of Itaewon, is a Korean BBQ joint that stands out for it’s service, quality and atmosphere.
A hundred meters past the kimchi pots that mark the entrance to HBC, the 11-table gogi restaurant with a rather generic name bustles with both expats and foreigners in fairly equal numbers. The service is in English, when needed, and always fast and with a smile.
The restaurant only serves beef – Australian and American – and only the best cuts. The ribeye is succulent and the marinated and garlic beef are infused with flavor. The side dishes are plentiful and, of course, beer, soju and soft drinks are available. Prices range from 10,000-18,000 won.
The gogi jib offers an all you can eat ribeye special on the first and third Mondays of each month. For a 15,000 won entrance fee, the meat will keep on coming until you wave the white flag.
After two years, this neighborhood secret must finally be let out.

By Tracey Stark  |  Photos by Ronny Kick

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